PVC sheets


DENWUD Celuka PVC boards has the hardest PVC surface in the industry, so it resists dents, marks and scratches.

PVC foam boards


Nail, glue, drill, router, cut and trim DENWUD PVC using regular tools.

WPC boards


DENWUD arrives without damage at your job site, greatly reducing costly returns and minimizing waste.

foam sheets


Cleaning up dirt spots and fingerprints left from installation in a snap.

WPC boards in kerala


Excellent paint adhesion to any 100% acrylic latex paint color.



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DENWUD is an ideal eco-friendly substitute for wood, plywood and MDF. It is a carpenter friendly product which can be cut with traditional tools. DENWUD offers a variety of PVC foam boards, WPC profiles, PVC Laminates, Foam sheets, multiwood sheets, PVC sheets and Denmax for your interiors, outdoor flooring, fencing and cladding. These boards are durable, eco-friendly and weather proof.

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Why Choose Denwud?

Here's how Denwud becomes 'The Next Generation Wood'.

The main benefit of WPC is that it keeps the greatest features of wood while eliminating all of the drawbacks of it. For decades, we've been chopping down trees to meet our desires in the building industry. We were constantly on the lookout for that one product that would completely transform the construction sector. Wood has become a very expensive product. Along with the economic constraints, there is only a very limited palette of colours to choose from and that too when painted, even the durability has become questionable if not used the best. Denwud, on the other hand, is a versatile product with a wide variety of uses that you have always desired. Modular furniture, kitchens, cabinets, interiors, partitions, closets, cupboards, and any other type of internal or external furniture requirements can be addressed.

Home Interior

Denwud is best used to craft interior furniture such as wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, internal partitions, bathroom cabinets, prayer rooms etc. When durability meets other characteristics such as screw holding painting and nailing it makes Denwud indeed the best and most economical substitute for wood.

Office Interior

Denwud is the best alternative for creating trendy workspaces. Portable Cabinets are a standout feature that completely alters the way you conceive of workplace furnishings. It's easy to craft, long-lasting and comes in seven different colours.

Indoor and outdoor applications

The properties of Denwud like water-resistant and fire-retardant make the product ideal for interiors and exteriors in all climates. You can craft it in diverse ways that match your homestyle as well.

Partitions for house, office or public place

Another intriguing use of Denwud is as a partition; there are many different ways to create Denwud to give your space the aesthetic you desire. Partitions are becoming increasingly popular as a way to incorporate modern vibes while still ensuring privacy. When it's crafted in Denwud, you can count on both style and quality.

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