WPC Boards benefits

WPC Boards

Wood Polymer Composite profiles are the new generation material which is a hybrid of wood and plastic with the quality of both. These are strong enough to withstand any natural forces like sunlight, rain, winter and exterior threats like pests, termites and all. These are specifically designed for exterior use and comes with a complete 100% guarantee. 

New materials are introduced to the furnishing business every day. Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) is one of the same. It's an environmentally friendly substance that's gaining popularity as a substitute for natural and all other types of wood. 

WPC board is a construction material that is both long-lasting and safe. It's made out of a combination of wood fibre and thermoplastics. They're blended to make a thick foundation material. The material is then extruded and moulded into the various shapes and sizes required.

Uses of WPC boards

WPC boards can be utilized in modular kitchens, home and office furniture, wall paneling, ceiling solutions, wardrobes and more in interior applications.

Benefits of WPC Boards

  1. Quality of both wood and plastic
  2. Meant for exterior usage
  3. 100% guarantee.

Features of WPC boards

WPC sheets are used for outside claddings, building facades etc. It is personalized with the available colour choices. Its advantages over traditional wood are that its lightweight, has durability, ease of application, and low upkeep.
Because of its reduced weight, it is frequently used on terraces and balconies. It is resistant to splintering and warping caused by moisture exposure. Because of its non-corrosive, antibacterial, and dependable properties, it is widely used in bathrooms, kitchens, wall claddings, and ceilings. Regardless of the lightweight feature WPC board modular kitchen price is very competitive and yet people choose to buy it because of the quality and credibility our services put forward.
Although the wood polymer composite (WPC) is not totally fire resistant, it does prevent it from spreading. Plastics have a high degree of calefaction and can rapidly melt, making them a fire hazard.
The composite exists to offset the characteristics of synthetic wood. As a result, increasing the amount of wood fibre in the wood polymer composite improves its fire resistance. Hence most used in kitchen interiors too. The low WPC modular kitchen price also acts as a boon for the buyer.
Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) can be cut similarly to wood in terms of carpentry. Here, the tools used in timber carpentry have a comparable use. Cutting, nailing, drilling, and sanding are all possible on WPC, just like they are on wood.
Because of its ability to mix thermoplastic and wood fibres. It will be ideal for exterior projects like decking. It is widely used as a construction material and in the manufacture of chairs and tables, especially due to its water repellent nature.
The material is incredibly durable and can withstand any harsh weather conditions with minimal upkeep. It's also termite-resistant, making it ideal for external decking. Its appearance remains the same for a longer period of time, reducing the amount of upkeep required. Also, the cost of WPC board is very less compared to the other products available in the market. In comparison to timber woods, it has a longer life span, can adapt to any type of weather as well

Advantages of using WPC boards 

WPC boards are known for their high quality. These boards contain stabilizing agents, modifiers, foaming agents, and other ingredients that must be mixed in a precise ratio. WPC boards become a high-quality material as a result of the right blend of high-quality elements and that's the reason why, WPC board dealers near me, is a most enquired question on the internet today.
WPC can be shaped and sized in a variety of ways. Hence, WPC exterior cladding is also quite famous. It has a very rich appearance and the best polishing. It is utilised for household furnishings, interior and exterior works mainly because of this.
WPC is a fire-retardant material. It protects your exclusively crafted products from fire and keeps them safe.
WPC boards are given a modern and high-end surface treatment, such as paint or thermal transfer, to make them look flourishing. The skilled surface treatment not only offers the WPC boards a different appearance but also gives them a ravishing tone.
It is a safe and environmentally friendly substance to use. It is water repellent, fire, and chemicals while remaining unspoiled and unaffected by climatic conditions.
It's a promising and cost-effective plywood replacement.

Applications of WPC boards

Panelling: This material is quite long-lasting, and because it comes in various sizes, it may be used for both interior and outdoor panelling.
Furniture: Best material to carve out the furniture of your choice meeting the up to date trends.
WPC board for Interior: WPC boards are also utilised in the interior sections to make various furniture items like wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, interior walls, ceilings etc also the best option to craft and personalise your office space, living room etc. WPC board for kitchen is quite popular for its style and splendid features.
WPC board for Exterior: WPC boards can be used in exterior applications such as constructions, outside wall cladding, garden furniture, park benches and fencing, prefabrication houses, various exterior applications, and outdoor deck flooring. WPC foam board furniture generally lasts for years. Hence today's most trustworthy product.                




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