WPC boards

5 Reasons why you should use WPC doors

WPC boards
May 14, 2024     Admin

A front door is often considered the center of attention in your home. It offers seclusion, safety, and a significant boost to your house's style value. In addition to improving the appearance of your house, doors can impact how much protection they provide. 

Thanks to its strength and contemporary designs, WPC is a versatile and modern material that is replacing traditional building materials. Wood-based and natural wood are being substituted with more plastic-based composites that use WPC. WPC means wood-plastic composite sheet (going by the abbreviations). Thus, we will focus on the five reasons for using WPC doors. 


It is an excellent method of integrating sustainability into building doors. For example, it can be used for home doors, office doors, bathroom door frames, windows, WPC doors, and prefabricated houses. WPC boards in Kerala  can also be used indoors. Modular kitchens, wall paneling, closets, window and door frames, bathroom cabinets, railings, office furniture, and industrial sections are a few notable application areas for WPC boards.

High Durability

Longevity is one of the main advantages that WPC boards have. These boards consist of recyclable components. WPC boards in Kerala are made of a high-quality material because of the combination of premium ingredients in it. Rain, chemicals, and humidity don't affect them in any way. They are also one of the easiest gadgets to control. These boards can be adjusted wherever they are needed using the same tools as the other boards. 

Moisture, Fire and Termite Resistance 

The moisture resistance of WPC wood sets it apart from traditional building materials. They are an excellent material for cabinets as well as doors, where there is a greater likelihood of moisture retention. Additionally, WPC is very fire-resistant. It protects your furniture from fire and maintains its safety. 
Termite-proof furniture can be made with WPC boards. Among the primary benefits that WPC has over real wood is this one. For outdoor applications, these boards are also a great option.


WPC wood decomposes naturally. When recyclable materials like wood, agricultural waste, and plastic waste are used in its production, they can be made completely recyclable. This material is safe to use and friendly to the environment. It offers protection from chemicals, fire, and water while remaining undisturbed by weather patterns. With WPC, you can achieve a highly polished and luxurious look for any furniture piece, door, or window that you desire. Visit our website to view our unique selection of ready-to-use WPC boards.

Diverse Choices

Being one of the original multiwood brands in Kerala, Denwud has a lot to offer in the WPC door segment. It is quickly capturing the interest of both the industry and the general public. WPC products are fed into the machines and can be manufactured, customized, or extruded in accordance with the production design. 

Unlike wooden designs, which have physical limitations and often require labor-intensive and costly customization, production designs can be fully customized, leaving choices limited only by the design of the product. On the other hand, a well-made door design made by imaginative designers in a WPC-based solution provides a wealth of expression options.