Fluted panels

Interior Design Ideas with Fluted Wall and Ceiling Panels

Feb 22, 2024     Admin

Are you tired of staring at plain walls and boring ceilings? For the most part, a new house is just a blank canvas with exposed ceilings, walls, and floors. Why not add more flair to it by creating a chic, luxury atmosphere?


We've got just the solution to glam up your space! Let's see how fluted panels can transform your space into a haven of style and sophistication.


What Is a Fluted Wall Panel?


Fluted panels are decorative wall panels that have grooves and ridges. These parallel, uniformly spaced grooves are referred to as flutes. WPC is a low-maintenance and environmentally friendly material that can be used to make fluted wall panels.


Have you heard about PVC foam boards and foam sheets in Kerala? These lightweight materials offer possibilities for creative interior design. These foam sheets can bring your design dreams to life.

Changing Your Space with Fluted Panels

Not only do these panels add visual interest, but they also serve as excellent acoustic insulation. But the benefits don't stop there! Fluted panels can be used to suit any look, be it classic or modern.

Fluted Wall Panel Ideas For Your Home

Now let's change your boring walls and ceilings by using fluted wall panels. Here are five interior design concepts that use fluted ceilings and wall panels:


1. Add Depth: Install fluted panels vertically to add an illusion of height to your space. This technique works well in rooms with low ceilings, making them appear more spacious.


2. Combine Materials: Try some materials that are not hard boards, like WPC boards or PVC sheets in Kerala. For trendsetters seeking a contemporary touch for their interior, the combination of wood and PVC is a solution.


3. Fluted Panels for Accent Walls: Create a centerpiece or the focal point of a room with fluted panels. It doesn't matter if you choose to do it in one accent color; fluted wall panels add texture and depth, which in turn upgrade the decor.


4. Try different colors and textures: You can be playful with different colors and textures. Use fluted panels in different hues or neutrals to match your style. Try out the various flute options and patterns.


5. Acoustic Insulation: The 3D effect created by fluted panels will make your space even more wonderful and will soundproof it. You can use it in spaces like home theatres and offices, to create a peaceful and quiet environment.

With fluted wall and ceiling panels, you can transform any space into a stylish haven. Whether you prefer the natural charm of it or the modern flair of PVC foam sheets, there's a fluted panel option to suit every taste and style. Contact Denwud or check out our WPC and PVC boards and sheets to level up your interiors. We have an extensive collection of materials that you can use to make your home a better, more beautiful space.