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WPC boards
Feb 14, 2024     Admin

Are you tired of constantly worrying about your wooden furniture getting damaged due to moisture, termites, or rot? Are you looking for a durable and low-maintenance alternative that can withstand Kerala's humid climate? Look no further than WPC boards!

Because of its durability and sleek designs, WPC is a contemporary and long-lasting material that is taking the place of traditional building materials. As a substitute for plywood and real wood, WPC boards are becoming more and more popular. WPC stands for wood-plastic composite board.

It is a safe, stable material that works well for buildings. The design of these boards is created by combining heated thermoplastic waxes with ground wood components and then shaping them into the desired shape. Recycled thermoplastics are also employed in the production of durable and practical WPC.

The main benefits of using a WPC board are as follows:


1. Termite Resistance

In Kerala, termite damage is a serious issue for wooden furniture. WPC boards work well for creating furniture that is resistant to termites. This is one of the key benefits that WPC has over real wood. These boards are also an ideal choice for outdoor applications.


2. Water and Fire Resistance

In contrast to traditional building materials, WPC woods have moisture resistance. They are an excellent material for cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, where there is a greater likelihood of moisture retention. Additionally, WPC material has high fire resistance. It safeguards your furniture and offers fire protection.


3. Eco-friendly

WPC wood decomposes naturally. When wood and agricultural waste are utilized in its manufacturing, it can be produced in an entirely recyclable manner. It is a safe-to-use and ecologically friendly material. It offers protection from chemicals, fire, and water while remaining unaffected by weather. With WPC, you can achieve the latest polishing and a rich appearance, making it an excellent choice for designer door windows or any other furniture piece. Visit our website to see our selection of premium WPC boards in Kerala that are ready to use.


4. Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond their practical advantages, WPC boards do not compromise on style and aesthetics. Denwud WPC boards come in a variety of finishes, colors, and designs, offering the natural beauty of real wood without its drawbacks. Whether you prefer a classic wooden look or a contemporary design, WPC boards provide the perfect blend of style and function.


5. High durability

One of the most important advantages provided by  WPC boards is durability. WPC boards are of guaranteed quality. These boards are made up of components that need to be mixed precisely, such as foaming agents, modifiers, and stabilizing agents. WPC boards are made of a high-quality material because of the ideal combination of premium ingredients. Rain, chemicals, humidity, and other environmental factors do not affect them. They are also user-friendly. These boards can be fixed wherever necessary using standard tools.


Whether you're building a new home or renovating your interiors, WPC boards in Kerala are becoming increasingly popular because of their durability and resistance to termite attacks, especially in Kerala’s humid climate. With their durability, resistance to moisture and pests, low-maintenance nature, and aesthetic appeal, Denwud boards offer great value for homeowners. Limitations of traditional wood don't apply to Denwud.