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Building Shelves is so Easy Now! Shelf DIY

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Oct 22, 2021     Admin

Shelves are versatile and extremely ornate for a home. A house without book shelves, shoe shelves, kitchen shelves etc are all incomplete. If you are living in a rental house without shelves you can easily build one in the house without much cost. All you need is suitable materials and the right tools. Find out the approximate size of your shelves and the weight it will be holding. Then find out the material suitable for the installation.

Choose the board 

Board of the shelves can be picked up according to your preference, but always try to select a board which is long-lasting but without much cost. PVC foam board is manufactured using PVC resin and calcium carbonate, this is a perfect alternative to traditional wood. WPC Boards are a perfect pick for bookshelves because they poses high strength, durability and single sided designs.

Supporting Materials

Select materials to support the shelves it can be wood strips, metal strips or brackets. This will give shelves cleat support. Metal strips are available in every store but they are not very pretty but on the other hand brackets can be fancy in good varieties. If you are choosing foam sheets as material you can also use foam closure strips which are in good color and material.

Position your Shelf


You can position your shelf on the floor, on the wall or can do creative shapes to the shelves. If you are opting for a shelf on floor place bricks in selected place and add shelf board in between add a cross brace and screw it into shelf boards. If it is a wall shelf-mark the position of your shelf in the wall with a pencil drill the points attach the brackets and place the shelf boards onto the brackets. If it is a freestanding table nail or glue the first vertical support and add on the support panel vertically. It is suitable as a books or shoe shelf for which you can use PVC sheets for better strength. Creative shelves can be of different shapes sizes and on corners. Draw a plan and accordingly fix brackets and screws on the wall.