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Ideas for Stunning Ceilings

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Oct 11, 2021     Admin

The ceiling of a room makes the room more attractive, spacious, and luxurious. There are plenty of ceiling ideas for the Living room, Dining room Bedroom, and Kitchen. Always choose the best ceiling idea with less time on installation. The ceiling is the fifth wall in a room design that provides statement ceilings.

Different shapes can be used according to the shape of your room. It may not be always circle, Square, or rectangle shapes to the ceiling. Experiment with lob shapes, lines, or curves.

Light the ceiling according to the overall theme of the room. A light shade of pink or red can be used in the bedroom to give a romantic texture to it.

Foam sheets are the best choice of ceilings as they are easy to manage and install. Rather than the wooden works, this material does not cost much. Therefore ceilings with PVC foam board are budget-friendly also.

If you have a small-sized hall or living room use small suspended T-bar elements depending on the dimensions of the room. This will help to not highlight the size of the room.

Ceilings with PVC sheets give your drawing room a rich look even they create a sturdy secondary layer for the roof. This will help to cover up the wirings of lights and fans in the drawing-room.

PVC is the ideal ceiling material for Kitchen. They repel water and humidity also clears up stains or grease. Since its Kitchen, the ceiling should exemplify safety and beauty.

Contemporary 3D ceiling helps to give a visual appeal to your room. Waterproof would be ideal for living room and kitchen. The future design is plastic sheets with hidden light and fixtures inside grooves.

If you love colors try for different combinations of colors than the usual single painted ceiling. Make sure it suits your eyes and does not disturb the guests at living room. Using light single colour ceilings with minimal designs will help you in discussion rooms or meeting rooms, this gives a professional look without any distractions