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Installing and Maintaining PVC and WPC Products

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Jan 18, 2024     Admin

Have you ever found yourself staring at beautifully designed spaces and interiors, wondering about the flawless finish and beauty? The secret may just lie in the creative use of PVC foam boards and WPC products.


Following the right procedures is important to guarantee the longevity and optimal performance of PVC foam boards during installation and maintenance. With an emphasis on Kerala PVC foam board manufacturers and Kerala PVC board prices, these guidelines will assist you with the installation and maintenance.


What are PVC and WPC Boards?


Solid wood panels are becoming more costly day by day. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) foams are a cost-effective alternative to solid wood panels. 


A combination of wood fibers, thermoplastics, and other materials are used to create WPC boards in Kerala.


Benefits of PVC foam boards include:


Durability: PVC foam boards are popular for their exceptional durability. PVC sustains many years without breaking down due to rot, moisture, or even hard impacts.


Lightweight: PVC foam boards are significantly lighter when compared to solid wood panels. It can be handled effortlessly and installed easily.


Low Maintenance: Compared to wood, PVC requires less regular washing and less repair over time.


Thermal Insulation: PVC foam boards  are good for thermal insulation. They resist heat and severe weather conditions.

How to Install PVC and WPC Products


  1. Surface Preparation:Before Installing PVC and  WPC boards, ensure that the surface is free of dust or any signs of moisture; moreover, you should prepare it precisely as required. Dust or grease on the surface should be eliminated.
  2.  Measurement and cutting: Cut and measure the foam according to your requirements. Use the necessary, safe tools for cutting. Make sure that you wear safety equipment with goggles.
  3.  Mounting and sealing: After that, the panels must be very consciously installed onto the surface. Mount the panels using appropriate screws, nails and adhesives. With adhesives, PVC panels can be installed for a more streamlined look.
  4. Expansion Gaps: It is necessary to consider the expansion gaps while shipping  PVC foam boards. Temperature variations cause these boards to swell and shrink.



PVC forms require very little maintenance, but if you are looking for even more longevity and durability, you can follow several steps for maintenance.


Limit heat exposure: Denwud PVC foams  well, but for more longevity, you can limit direct heat exposure to the panels. 


Regular Cleaning: You can clean the panels with mild soap or detergent for a longer aesthetic look. Avoid using strong chemical cleaners on your panels.


Avoid Scratches: Even though Denwud PVC foam boards are tough, sharp objects can still cause scratches on them. Use protective pads or matting when you place heavy objects on the boards to prevent scratches on the surface.


Regular Checkup: Examine the PVC foam boards for damage on a regularly basis. If you find any damage, such as dents, cracks, or delamination, contact the manufacturer or an expert for the proper repair or replacement.

Even though the quality of  PVC boards in Kerala  might differ based on manufacturers, size, and suppliers, it is best to choose PVC foam board manufacturers in Kerala. Denwud provides high-quality products, follows industry standards, and offers installation and maintenance guidelines that are appropriate. 


You should also remember to ask PVC foam sheet manufacturers in Kerala for specific advice on installation methods, maintenance schedules, and any warranties or after-sales support they might provide. By doing so, you can guarantee the correct installation and long-term performance of  PVC foam boards.